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New Viewpoint Service Offering Meets Growing Need for “One” Solution

Construction companies across the nation (both new construction and service) are always looking for the best construction software solution. Every company wants software that automates all construction business functions, and many need that solution to support their service technicians.

With few options for an all-in-one solution, most construction companies make use of several solutions to meet their needs. Often, these solutions are poorly integrated, and result in low adoption.

Service Technicians spend much of their time in the field without quick access to back office systems. However, these back office systems hold vital information that field service technicians need to complete their job.

This disconnect between the administrative office and a company’s field service technicians inevitably creates problems. Technicians are simply working without the proper tools. They’re missing essential information needed to complete the workorder and approve for customer invoicing.

The “one” construction software solution

Contractors have been dreaming of that “one” construction software solution that meets the needs of the entire organization from the office to the field. One that is both easy to use, completely integrated and efficiently consolidates tasks. A solution that provides all the required information a field service technician needs to complete their jobs.

After all, wouldn’t it be easier if all business functions were integrated as one solution that also allows service technicians to receive and capture data, access workorders and keep track of tasks in the field?

Well, now it’s here!

Viewpoint’s Vista Field Service

With Viewpoint’s new Vista Field Service, an offering that is part of the ViewpointONE solution, service technicians in the field can now directly connect with the back office through their mobile device.

In the past, the Viewpoint product team required partnerships with third party software solution providers to meet the field service needs of the Viewpoint customer base. Those relationships are still in place. In the past, they have met a need and offered value to the Viewpoint customer base.

Vista Field Service is a new offering. Developed in house by the Viewpoint team to meet the growing needs for “one” solution, which includes automating field service-related functions.

Built with field service technicians in mind

Vista Field Service - Mobile - ConTech360Viewpoint Vista users will now have a full set of integrated tools at their fingertips. These tools provide construction companies and contractors with all the information they need to dispatch technicians, assign work orders and capture field data.

Vista Field Service also allows service contractors to easily and accurately track labor and work performed on service and other small jobs. All while working in one environment, supported, and developed by Viewpoint.

Vista Field Service simplifies work in the field. Technicians can see work order information, assign costs, update records, and capture electronic signatures from customers. No more paper-based work orders. And, no more calling in to the back office to get information processed.

Here are just a few of the features of Vista Field Service that are revolutionizing the way technician and administrators collaborate:

  • Virtual Work Orders: Technicians can access all the information they need right from their devices. Where they need to be, when they need to be there, what they need to do and so much more.
  • Direct Data Flow: Data, notes, costs and images captured in the field automatically update in real time in the back office.
  • Service History: Technicians can see past service history on all serviceable items and machinery at their locations.
  • Customized Task Lists: Technicians can create their own task lists that can be transferred from job to job.

We know field service

Our team at Contech360 has been working with field service solutions since the late 90’s. We were one of the first companies to deploy field service solutions with HVAC and mechanical contractors in the Southeast.

During his time at Viewpoint, our managing partner, Steve Maddox, helped bring previous field service providers, MSI Data and FieldConnect into the Viewpoint partner family. We know field service and the business requirements of construction companies that perform both new construction, small jobs, and field service.

Based on our experience, we can say with confidence that the depth of understanding in field service behind the launch of this product is unmatched.

We are excited to announce that Contech360 will be certified with Vista Field Service. We look forward to working with new and existing Viewpoint customers on the implementation of Field Service and helping them improve their business by leveraging this new offering.

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Steve Maddox

Steve has helped some of the US's largest contractors leverage technology to improve their business. As a Sales VP at Viewpoint, an industry and market leader, he led national teams to record success and was involved in all areas of the business. A frequent industry speaker, Steve is passionate about technology and the software tools that are transforming our industry. Today, as the Construction Technologist for ConTech360 he helps construction organizations solve technology challenges.
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