Contech360 gets Nashville Machine Company implementation back on track!

Contech360 gets Nashville Machine Company Viewpoint Spectrum implementation back on track

Nashville Machine Company, one of the largest and oldest mechanical contractors in Tennessee, was struggling to get their recently purchased Viewpoint Spectrum product up and running.

Serving Tennessee since 1887, Nashville Machine Company’s expertise in mechanical contracting is unrivaled. They enlisted the expertise of the Contech360 team to get them implemented, trained and operational with Viewpoint Spectrum in just 3 months.

Today, Nashville Machine Company continues to expand their use of Viewpoint Spectrum with the help of the CONTECH360 team.

Question: Tell us about the company.

Lynn Wilson, CFO – Secretary of Treasury, Nashville Machine Company, Nashville TN

“Very old company. We’re one of the oldest privately held companies in Nashville. The company was formed, actually, in 1887. It’s evolved over the years. Initially it was just a supply house company, and then we’ve evolved into a mechanical contractor.

Up until 2019, we did both mechanical and elevator. The elevator [business] was about 30% of our operations and mechanical, seventy [percent]. We sold the elevator division in 2019. And, now we’re doing strictly mechanical [contracting]. 

We focus, primarily, in health care, hospitals, multi-story office buildings, and industrial facilities.”

Question: What challenges were you facing?

Michelle Farless, Payroll, Nashville Machine Company, Nashville TN

“We worked with a company prior to [CONTECH], to help us with our transition to [Viewpoint] Spectrum. And, the person that came in was extremely friendly, but had a lack of accounting knowledge. So, they were really unable to help us with the flow of the software [or] the actual setup of the software.

It was extremely overwhelming, it was very unorganized. The lack of knowledge [of the previous implementation provider] made it extremely agitating to move forward with our transition [to Viewpoint Spectrum].”

Suzanne, Accountant, Nashville Machine Company, Nashville TN

“We had a very nice lady, but she just didn’t really understand some of what we were doing and trying to get across to her. So, there were a lot of struggles there… And, some of them were not even found out until we actually did implement [successfully with CONTECH360].”

Lynn Wilson, CFO – Secretary of Treasury, Nashville Machine Company, Nashville TN

“Quite frankly, we didn’t have a lot of success [before CONTECH360 came in]. We had a lot of setups started, but when we got to the live date of 10/1… we were nowhere close.

I mean, honestly, we really didn’t know where we were gonna go at that point. We knew we were running out of time, as far as an implementation of [Viewpoint] Spectrum.

Immediately, we said: ‘Okay guys, we need help. We’ve just not made the progress that we had hoped in the implementation, we’re running out of time.’

And, we set an extremely aggressive timeframe. We started working in October of 2019. And we said: ‘Is it reasonable to shoot for a conversion date of January 1st, 2020? Three months.”

Question: How did CONTECH360 improve things?

Suzanne, Accountant, Nashville Machine Company, Nashville TN

“Jim was able to discover that some things were not right. When they weren’t working right, Jim knew exactly where to go and identify what those problems were, and to get those resolved for us.

CONTECH was a lot of help in answering questions and resolving problems.”

Michelle Farless, Payroll, Nashville Machine Company, Nashville TN

“They [CONTECH360] understood accounting, so they were able to help us transition [to Viewpoint Spectrum] a lot more easily.”

Lynn Wilson, CFO – Secretary of Treasury, Nashville Machine Company, Nashville TN

“Fortunately, the knowledge that the two of those individuals – that Jim and Steve – have… they were way ahead of any other consultant that we could’ve brought in. And, we were able to go live January 1st, 2020. I don’t know of any other company that we could’ve partnered with that could’ve accomplished that.”

Question: How have you benefited from working with CONTECH360?

Michelle Reid, Billings, Nashville Machine Company, Nashville, TN

“Jim’s been easy to get a hold of, easy to get responses from. He does spur-of-the-moment ‘Hey, you need some help?’ and  ‘I’ll help you,’ kind of stuff… and it has made things a lot easier.”

Chris Gliori, CFO – Management, Nashville Machine Company, Nashville, TN

“You guys know more about our business than some of our own employees do.

I’ve worked with so many different consultants and it’s a typical, you know, ‘when they’re here, they’re here’ and when they’re offsite, they’ve forgotten about us. That never seems to be the case [with CONTECH].

You make sure you’re checking in, there’s touchpoints to make sure there’s nothing that we need assistance with. You’re not waiting for us to… for a problem to snowball. You’re kind of in the day-to-day with us, which it’s a lot different. It’s, I guess, a breath of fresh air.”

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